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The Acridine Orange Stained Capillary Tube

Capillary detection Microscope test
Paralens Malaria Test Microscope


(to spin QU BC Malaria tubes only)


Comparision with other methods

Criteria QU BC QUS-5Lens method Other Pathological Test Card Test
Quantity of Blood 55-65ul 4-5ul 5ul
Staining Precoated tubes stained with Acridine Orange Stain Staining Required Not Applicable
Sensitivity and parasites 1 Parasites per 2 ul No loss of Parasites 100 parasites per 21 ul 40% of parasites loss during preparation of slide Sensitivity varies depending on antigen Detected
Output 150 studies per day 60 studies per day Variable
Time Less than 1 minute 8-10 minutes 15-25 minutes
User Friendliness Easy Cumbersome, Involve many steps Easy